Bad Jews

July 2016

Proof Production Photos

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It may seem crazy for some 18 year olds to produce a piece of theatre, but a show like Proof proves that there needs to be a little bit of crazy in all of us.



What's it about?

After a beloved grandfather in a Jewish family passes away, his grandchildren Daphna, Liam, and Jonah return to New York City for his funeral, but the mourning is interrupted when the cousins break into a furious and hilarious battle over who is the rightful heir to their grandfather's chai, piece of precious religious jewelry. Daphna claims ownership due to her dedication to Jewish tradition, and Liam claims that tradition dictates he gets the chai because he is the eldest son, though he is not strict practitioner of Judaism. As these cousins fight as only siblings can, youngest brother Jonah and Liam's non-Jewish girlfriend Melody add to the hilarious chaos.

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While hilarious, Bad Jews does probe some deep and meaningful themes in our modern lives. The struggle between tradition and evolution, the family and the individual rages on across our country and globe. Daphna and Liam's struggle brings joy through comedy and great insight into our lives long after we've left the theater.

Meet the Team

We have an incredibly talented group of people working to bring Bad Jews to  life. Please use the gallery below to learn more about our team and discover who's the baddest of them all.