Unit 14 Theatre Company seeks to tell stories, and through art we bring a new perspective to the world around us. 

Our Mission

The Unit 14 Theatre Company looks to develop great young theatre artists by creating a space where every individual is incentivized to approach the entirety of making great theatre with care, passion, and a collaborative spirit.

Meet Our Team

Not pictured: maddie abelson, emma davis, sarah garfinkel, maddie jaffe richter, reid janson, arielle kimbarovsky, Jack Koch, ava levine, gabe newman, lucas prizant, zack saunders, claudia thiedmann

alumni: liat benezra, shani benezra, griffin boo, liz dukatt, hailey cohn, zoe nemetz,  lyndsay monsen, max udell, ari bell, savannah grinell, drew swanson, ryan wilbat, brandon whitehead