Blueprints: A Night of New Works

June 30th, 2017

Blueprints was a special, one-night only performance of staged readings of original works from young adult writers and composers. Audience members came to see the work of the next generation of writers and shared their thoughts in order to help these young playwrights hone their craft.  

The Blueprints

“Jewish For Me”

Performed by Maxwell Beer


Playwright - Zach Schiffman

Director - Lily Janson

Amy – Lily Janson

Patrick - Allen Wehner


Playwright - Maya Garfinkel

Director - Annie Fishbein

Girl #1 - Sam DeBell

Girl #2 - Lily Janson

First Impressions

Playwright and Director - Sam DeBell

Jesse - Jacob Baim

Paige - Sarah Wexler

Ballad of the Underdog”

Performed by Maxwell Beer


Playwright and Director - Jacob Baim

Thomas - Reid Janson

Beth - Sam DeBell

(Boss ass) Bitch

Playwright - Maya Garfinkel

Director - Annie Fishbein

Girl - Lily Janson

So Dad’s Dead

Playwright – Jed Rutstein

Director – Jed Rutstein

Jan – Jet Mendes

Rae – Lily Janson

Hirschel – Lucas Fleischer

Sarah – Maddie Jaffe-Richter

Rabbi – Martin Gold

Aaron – Jed Rutstein

Songs from XR

Performed by Martin Gold

Man’s Best Friend

Playwright - Lily Janson

Director - Lily Janson 

Skiddo - Reid Janson

Kelly - Ava Levine

Production Staff

Fundraising Event Chair: Jacob Baim

Development Director: Annie Fishbein

Marketing Directors: Sam Debell & Maddie Jaffe-Richter

Social Media Director: Arielle Kimbarovsky

Executive Producer: Allen Wehner

Stage Manager: Zack Saunders

Technical Support: Jack Koch, Xavier Kwong

Production Manager: Haley Feiler