Unit 14 on WGN Radio!

Zach was on WGN Radio this past Thursday on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez, and it was a blast! It was a complete surprise that Zach got to talk but he did and talked about Unit 14 and its inception on air!  Click here and go to 51:50 to hear Zach and Jimmy Schiffman talk about Unit 14 Theatre Company. Huge thanks to WGN Radio and Patti Vasquez for the opportunity!

Unit 14 Music Night!

Come support Unit 14 Theatre Company at our Music Night fundraiser atThe Shed 1480! This night is a little taste of some of the awesome musicians in the North Shore. Each performer will get a set of 3 songs, and there will be buckets for cash to vote for your favorite performer and whoever has the most money in their bucket at the end of the night wins a private concert at The Shed to showcase their talent in full! Come for this rockin' night of musical talent!

Performers include:
Sam Poll
Elie Small
Sean Reynolds 
Lizzie Braithwaite

and many more! 


Cover charge of $5

"Don't Waste Your Talent Catherine"

After a little break due to travel, everything for our show is back on schedule. Act 1 rehearsals are moving smoothly, albeit a little cramped in our current basement rehearsal space. Production teams are working steadfast to help get as much of the community involved in the production as possible. Tomorrow we meet with the Highland Park Chamber Of Commerce as they convene to discuss the Briergate Business District. Wish us luck as we get our word out to officials in Highland Park! More info about future events,  ways to get involved, and cast and crew insights to come! 

Things Are Happening!

Hello! Progress towards August 8th has begun and is moving fast! Here's a quick update about what's been going on over at Unit 14. 

  • The designs for our set are getting worked out and are close to being finalized by the lovely Savannah Grinnell. 
  • There's been a table read through, and actors getting their first dip into the skins of Catherine, Robert, Claire, and Hal (Harold Dobbs). 
  • The space is beginning to be cleared out, and our theatre is materializing! 

I know it all seems small, but "the penny is the soul of a million" and these little step will seem huge looking back. Start spreading the word, and get excited for Proof, August 8th, and 9th, at 1480 Old Deerfield Road.