This is Our Youth 

by Kenneth Lonergan ○ directed by Jed Rutstein ○ July 12th-15th  

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This Is Our Youth follows forty-eight hours of three lost young souls in the big city during the 1980s, armed only with teenage ideas and techniques that are far more sophisticated than their parents ever realize, and far less effectual than they themselves can possibly imagine. Directed by Jed Rutstein, and starring Gabe Newman, Emma Davis, and Lucas Prizant, this coming of age story explores the struggles of every new generation finding their way in the world.


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From director Jed Rutstein, "I chose to pitch this show is because it connects to every era. Every generation claims to be different from the last, but we keep making the same mistakes and keep causing each other the same pain. Reading this play I kept forgetting this took place in the 1980s because it is so relevant today. This show isn’t just Our Youth, it tells the story of generations of Youth that will attract all ages in Highland Park."